Terms of sales

Updated: 25 March, 2022

This page represents the terms and conditions of sales of our digital and informational products, as well as other services, delivered and/or paid via digital channels, including payments systems with the use of payment cards or other payment tools.

These terms extend our general Terms & Conditions in the part of digital sales.


Our services, in general, include consulting and other bsuiness support to our clients in the areas of corporate finance, accounting, taxes, audit, internal control, business operations, IT-support at individual request.

At the same time, we may offer some digital products online, which may include:

  • thematical conferences, seminars, webinars
  • individual and group trainings
  • informational products (articles, reviews, other informational materials), including on subscription
  • sample copies and/or licenses for IP-products and online services

Our services may also include fund (donation etc.) collection for a specific purpose.


Our products and services, unless otherwise defined by their nature (e.g. conferences and seminars, which require customer physical presence), are delivered via digital channels: via downloads directly from our Website, receving a file or a link to a file onto an e-mail.

Fully digitial products are delivered onto e-mail or to other customer destinations immediately or within 1-2 days from payment depending on a product / service.

We accept payments for services via:

  • a bank transfer onto our bank account as per our invoice
  • Visa or Mastercard card payment online using an authorized online-payment service
  • other payment means or online (PayPal etc.)


Our digital products are not subject to return, unless otherwise stated in the terms of sale for a particular product as described in our marketing materials or in product description on our Website.

To arrange a return of a product (or a payment), please contact us on our contact details outlined below.

Return of payment, including in case of non-delivery of a product or refusal from its purchase before delivery, is made the same way the payment has been processed.


Depending on a product or service, the seller of a product presented on our Website, may be one of the following legal entities:

  • Krasnoukhoff & partners LLC (Ukraine, reg.# 32590031)
  • Krasnoukhoff projects p.e. (Ukraine, reg.# 32305251)
  • Kostiantyn Krasnoukhov, a sole proprietor (Ukraine, reg.# 2834704295)


The entity responsible for digital product and other Website services delivery and payment is:

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