Supporting business to manage finance and grow (regular service)

External CFO

Other services

Controlling enterprises and helping develop business

CEO/Board Advisor


Audit/due diligence review and support at investment or business acquisition

Financial Due Diligence


Performing financial due diligence engagements for investors

Investor Due Diligence


Conducting pre-investment due diligences for owners and preparing for investor due diligence

Vendor Due Diligence


Helping clients-investees manage investor due diligences, from deal room management to communications

Due Diligence Assistance


We build high-quality multipurpose automated ready-to-integrate fully client-customized Excel-spreadsheet-based financial models.

Financial Models


Performing independent business valuations and asset impairment reviews

Business Valuation


Setting-up efficient finance and business- processes, operations and finance functions, implementing changes

CFO advisory


Implementing efficient legal, tax, accounting and models of business

Financial Operations


Implementing efficient business processes in finance & accounting

Business Processes

Accounting & reporting

Implementing and tuning up management accounts

Management Accounts


Implementing periodical financial planning and budgeting

Financial Planning


Helping implement internal projects in finance, automation and controls

Projects & Changes


Organising and improving financial functions efficiency

Finance Function

Accounting & reporting

Advising and supporting with IFRS and Ukraine GAAP financial reporting and accounting issues and processes

Accounting & Reporting

Accounting & reporting

Accelerating preparation of management accounts to 3 days after month-close

Fast Month-Close

Accounting & reporting

Supporting transitioning to IFRS and preparing IFRS financial statements

IFRS Accounting & Reporting

Accounting & reporting

Improving accounting policies, accounts and processes

Accounting Advisory

Accounting & reporting

Assessing and building efficient accounting processes and organizations

Accounting Function

Accounting & reporting

Providing accounting services as an axternal provider

Accounting Outsourcing

Audit, risks & control

Advising on internal controls, enterprise risk management, supportign with internal and external audits

Audit, Risks & Controls

Audit, risks & control

Implementing internal business risk management processes

Risk Management

Audit, risks & control

Implementing internal control systems and internal audit 

Internal Controls

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Frequently asked questions

By default, we keep all client information confidential as we adhere to the highest possible ethics standards of an audit firm. Should your question require an extra assurance, we may promptly provide you with a Non-Disclosure Agreement signed on our side in scan- and/or hard-copy. Just let us know the exact legal entity name and address to prepare it. Alternatively, or may provide us with your preferred NDA template to sign. We will not require a sign-off on your side.

Our fees are always based on estimated time to be spent for the project plus travelling expense. The hourly rates start from EUR 25 (40-$60 at average) depending on a service type, engagement team members, our current workload, market/demand and some other factors. Please contact us providing with as much details as possible about your issue, and we will come back to you with a call back and our individual proposal.

Please ask us your question through a contact form on this page.
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