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Supporting business to manage finance and grow (regular service)

  • Compile management reporting
  • Analyzing financial position
  • Providing commentaries to management
  • Supporting development projects

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If you cannot afford to hire an expensive top finance professional (or urgently need an interim CFO until you hire a permanent one) – outsource your CFO function with us and we will provide (staged):










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External CFO
for limited budgets
from 3 months
monthly fee
-50% for
  • Basic managements accounts
  • Analysis and comments from CFO
  • Financial model update BONUS
  • Projects support up to 5 hrs/month
  • Remote service
External CFO
for small-medium business
from 3 months
-50% for
  • Standard management accounts
  • Analysis and comments from CFO
  • Financial model update BONUS
  • Projects support up to 25 hrs/month
  • Remote service
External CFO
for any business
on individual basis, from
per hour
-50% for
  • Customized management accounts
  • Analysis and comments from CFO
  • Financial model update BONUS
  • Unlimited support for projects
  • Client premises visits possible



First-time management accounts and financial model preparation, finance strategy, operations, pricing, loan facility and tax advisory for a Ukrainian TOP-20 professional services company
1C database reconfiguration for management accounting purposes for a Ukrainian TOP-20 professional services company (design and projct management: linking costs/WIP, ARs and APs to projects, development of cost elements list and hierarchy, accounting policies and instructions for accounting team for single entity cost/income posting and multi-entity consolidation entries, database secure access rights reconfiguration etc.)
Implementing professional services management processes and tools for a Ukrainian TOP-20 professional services company as a pre-requisite for meaningful management accounting (inlcuding personnel timesheets, project time monitoring, project completion and efficiency monitoring, personnel resource booking etc.)
Financial modelling, investment and credit facility advisory for a start-up dairy company
Interim Head of Finance services for a large Ukrainian agro-holding group (over 50 companies): finance personnel management (over 350), annual assessment and salary revision, reponsibilities and workload analysis, managing shift to remote working, projects and processes daily management (Accounting/Tax, Treasury, FP&A)
Preparing a consolidated annual IFRS Financial Statements (including review of tax and legal risks) for a large Ukrainian agro-holding group (over 50 companies) with a subsequent support for an external audit by a Big5 audit company and advisory on revision of accounting & cost allocation policies, as well as monthly management accounts
Development and implementation of a “standard” organization-wise OpEx controlling process in a large production and distribution company of an international corporation (monthly OpEx controlling reports, month-end cost accrual and assessment processes, establishing process comminications with business managers, checklists and procedures, team training and supervision, management of the project and the changes)
Implementation of a fast-month close process (by Working Day 2) in a large production and distribution company of an international corporation (design of data flows, processes and procedures, checklists, documents, management of changes)




Welcome! I am a managing partner, and I personally participate in most of the client services. Key facts about me:

  • 24 years in Finance, Certified Public Accountant in Ukraine since 2003, 18 years in multinational environment, 16 years in audit, tax and advisory with over 150 clients served
  • 9 years – CFO / local Board Member in a subsidiary of an international corporation (Syngenta): $385m sales, 350 people, 17 direct reports, supported 4X company growth

  • passed 6 audits by international audit companies without significant comments, 3 internal audits in an international corporation with an assessment of "basically controlled"
  • 4 years – a manager in Tax & Legal Services of a Big4 audit firm (Deloitte)

  • 6 years - executing Head of Accounting of a large taxpayer in Ukraine, 3 Central Tax Office audits passed with less than $165k assessment (for $0.3b business)

  • 1 year - COO and CBDO in a TOP-20 audit company in Ukraine, successfully passed the audit quality state supervisory body review
  • over 250 completed projects in the areas of corporate finance, accounting and reporting, tax compliance and consulting, transfer pricing, audit, internal control, finance function set-up and transformation, implementation of ERP and other tools, legal and corporate affairs

  • full-stack developer since 1987, business analyst and system administrator (HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, SQL, MS Access/Excel/VBA, Linux...)


I believe, Konstantin is one of the top professionals in his area of expertise. He is an excellent problem-solver, able to make decisions and act independently, see issues both from strategic and details perspective, analyse and forecast issues impact, communicate clearly and manage things on priority. I highly appreciate Konstantin’s overall leadership contribution during the last 9 years, which allowed to have a stable, efficient, compliant and internal customer-oriented finance service and finance support, enabling about four times business and organizational growth during this period, as well as smooth and successful passing of several internal, external and tax audits.

Gebhard Rogenhofer

CEO / Commercial Unit Head, Ukraine (2018)

SYNGENTA (Ukraine)

Konstantin is one of the most competent finance professionals that I have had the pleasure to work with. When he is given a problem he spends time to fully understand all the implications before the designing a plan of how to overcome it. He is capable to deal with issues ranging from system and processes to intricate complicated international tax issues. He is able to manage a diverse team maintaining motivation and enthusiasm no matter how difficult the circumstances. His foresight in dealing with issues at an early stage has saved the company in many instances.

Christopher Cooke, CFA

CFO / Finance Business Partner


I have worked with Konstantin for almost 7 years. I have always been impressed by his knowledge and deep understanding of IFRS requirements, taxation rules, and ERP system interdependencies. I truly consider Konstantin as one of the best experts in these areas.

Alexander Bykov

Territory Finance Services Head, CIS (2016)


During several years I worked closely together with Konstantin. His local financial experience helped us a lot to stabilize the Finance department of our entity in Ukraine. As tax expert he is absolutely at a very high level. Complex financial and tax subjects Konstantin solved and his great contribution from Finance perspective to the development of the business in Ukraine has been of an enormous value. Konstantin is an integer and high Finance and tax professional.

Piet Karemaker

Head of Finance Services, Country Cluster EAME (2015)


…the bookkeeping was not up to international standards. The company operated on two different SAP systems, trial balances showed fluctuating differences and product costing was not accurate at all, etc. Within short time period Konstantin gained the overview on the complex business model of TOV Syngenta and solved together with the team one by one the problems. With reliable figures Finance rebuilt the trust of Group Finance and local Management supporting the following growth of TOV Syngenta. Konstantin’s leadership qualifications are reflected in a for CIS countries small staff fluctuation. I can recommend Konstantin to anyone looking for a competent and integral CFO.

Marcel Keller

Regional Finance Support Manager, EAME (2013)


Konstantin is a professional who acts with honesty and integrity. He works hard and is always focused on serving clients and looking after them, even at his own cost. Konstantin has good interpersonal and communication skills. He can work independently and is able to follow through to ensure that the projects are completed accurately, timely and efficiently.

Karl Gessner

Partner - Tax & Legal Services (2008)

DELOITTE (Ukraine)

Konstantin possesses a thorough working knowledge of Ukrainian tax legislation, has a strong intuition on a wide range of issues in corporate and individual taxation. This is coupled with good understanding of International Financial Reporting Standards. Konstantin has been involved in projects performed for diverse range of industries, and demonstrated good knowledge of respective industry specifics, including banking, insurance and other sectors.

Piotr Fokow

Partner - Audit and Assurance (2008)

DELOITTE (Ukraine)

It is a distinct pleasure to recommend to you my colleague, Konstantin Krasnoukhov. Konstantin is a quick learner and has inquisitive mind. Konstantin possesses ground knowledge in different areas, such as: financial accounting, tax accounting, tax legislation and programming. Konstantin is an idea-generator. While working in Deloitte Konstantin has developed a model of effective and time efficient testing of tax balances and charges, a number of internal management instruments and reports, and a number of professional trainings. I would recommend Konstantin to you. He would be a tremendous asset in any company.

Yevgenia Nogovitsyna

Senior Manager, Tax & Legal services (2008)

DELOITTE (Ukraine)


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