IFRS reporting

How to prepare notes to IFRS financial statements

Guidances, templates and examples of Notes to IFRS financial statements for a trade/manufacturing company at first adoption of IFRS

How to prepare Notes to IFRS financial statements on one’s own, and which guidance to use

1. You may prepare IFRS Notes using our standard template

2. In case of a doubt, you may check the Big4 guidances provided.

3. Having prepared the Notes, we recommend advise with us on their correctness to pass the audits with less comments and time waste. We continuously update our template and adapt it for the clients’ specifics.

4. We may also help you automate the reporting preparation to reduce the preparation time.

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Konstantin Krasnoukhoff

We prepared the IFRS reporting package for a client, which included the IFRS Notes. We designed our own Notes template, which is the utmost logical and with a condensed document structure, if compared to Big4 templates. It is very user-friendly and allows to easily find any needed information. The statements, as we as the accompanying independent auditors’ report by KPMG, were published on the company’s website. The auditors confirmed our statements without P&L modifications (the changes rather concerned some balance items reclassification, as well as some Notes specification).


Recommended “Big4” templates:

The templates are renewed annually, however, the older ones are still useful for the respective earlier periods.

The above templates are condensed to the minimal required (material and substantial) information and are appended with sections related to country and local legislation specifics.

We will update this section regularly. If any of the links is not working, please send us a message via the red button at page bottom-right.


We prepared a Notes template using the utmost logical and condensed document structure, which we use ourselves. While preparing your financials make sure you observe your company’s specifics.

The Notes template in Ukrainian (English version is available on demand upon request).

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